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Publications 2009

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Research Barometer 2009

The Research barometer is directed towards the world of research, the politicians as well as society in a wider sense.

Annual review 2008 - The Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty

During 2008, seven cases have been brought which have all been processed according to executive order no. 668 of 28 June 2005. Each of the three committees of the DCSD has in 2008 processed one case. The DCSD has furthermore dismissed four cases.

Mapping of climate research in Denmark

This mapping of climate research creates for the first time a complete overview of climate research in both the private and public sector in Denmark, including the field of climate adaptation.


Annual report on Danish energy research programmes.

Promovieren in Dänemark

German language brochure with general information on reading and stay in Denmark, and especially information about PhD opportunities in science and technology, finance and practical.

Supplement to Polarfronten 3 2009

With only a few weeks to the UN climate conference in Copenhagen Polarfronten publishes an extended version of its third magazine in 2009. The extended version includes a theme about climate changes; "The Melting Ice"

Danish University Evaluation 2009

This report presents the results of the 2009-evaluation of the university area, which was conducted from December 2008 to November 2009 by an independent international evaluation panel.

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