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Participation in an Ongoing COST Network

All COST networks are open for Danish participation - also those networks that do not include Danish main or secondary proposers. Read about the three different levels of participation in an ongoing and an entirely new COST network - and about the admission procedure.

Three Levels of Participation

You can participate at three different levels in an existing COST network and the nomination procedure varies depending on the role you want in the network:

  1. Management Committee (MC) — Network Management
  2. Working Groups (WG) — Network Working Groups
  3. Activities — networking activities.

1. Management Committee (MC)

Once new COST networks are approved, the Agency for Higher Education and Science (UFS) initiates an open-call, where interested researchers and innovators can apply to become MC-members.

After the application round, it is still possible to become an MC-member throughout the lifetime of the network on a first-come, first-served basis. The UFS may appoint two Danish representatives to each Management Committee.

If a network has been in operation for more than a year without Danish participation, the Network Management Committee must also accept the new participants.

You can browse all COST Actions from 2019-2023 and see if there is an empty spot in the Management Committee in the sheets below.

If you find a network of interest, you can read more about the network on:

Expectations for Management Committee Members

Appointed members are expected to:

  • represent Denmark in the network’s Management Committee, and not only their own institution.
  • participate actively in Management Committee meetings and other networking activities.

Read more about expectations for MC members on page 2 of the application template, which you will find below.

Application template and CV

To be considered as a member of the Management Committee, interested researchers and innovators must fill in and submit the application template (1 page) and CV. Please send your application to EuroCenter, the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Research via e-mail:

2. Working Groups (WG)

The Management Committee admits new participants. The Agency for Higher Education and Science has no influence on this process.

You may contact the network’s Working Groups Leaders, the MC Chair and/or Danish MC members if you wish to participate in a Working Group via:

3. Activities

Each network organises a number of different activities. Some are open to external parties, others only to participants.

You can find information about contact persons for the different network activities on their websites and/or contact the network’s Danish MC members via:


Lea Louise Motzfeldt
Tlf.: +45 72 31 86 19
Email: lmot@ufm.dk
Emilie Abild Aanestad
Tlf.: +45 72 31 79 15
Email: ema@ufm.dk

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