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Bilateral cooperation

Through bilateral agreements the Ministry of Higher Education and Science wants to promote the contact and the network to researchers and high technological businesses in Brazil, India, Israel, Japan, China, USA, South Korea and Turkey.
Denmark - Brazil
Date of publication: Feb 06, 2013 Brazils growing economy is focused on research and technology. Being a huge producer of food, there is a large potential in Brazil for synergy with Danish actors. For this reason the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has an innovation centre in São Paulo and an MoU on science cooperation.
Denmark – India
Date of publication: Feb 06, 2013 India is the world's most populous democracy with a young population and big challenges. The bilateral cooperation between Denmark and India focuses on research collaboration within bio-tech, as well as marketing of Danish educations and innovative solutions.
Denmark – Japan
Date of publication: Feb 06, 2013 Both the private and public sectors in Japan invest heavily in research and innovation.
Denmark – China
Date of publication: Feb 06, 2013 The global centre for knowledge is moving – and it is heading for China. If Denmark is to maintain its competitive position in the global market of knowledge, a strengthened collaboration on knowledge must have the highest priority.
Denmark – The Republic of Korea
Date of publication: Feb 06, 2013 Denmark and The Republic of Korea is cooperating on research, innovation and higher education, which create new possibilities for Danish researchers and students, and their Korean partners.
Denmark – USA
Date of publication: Feb 08, 2013 Denmark and USA have a long tradition for cooperation – also within research and innovation, but there is potential for an even stronger cooperation. The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science (DAFHES) is working to achieve this.
Denmark - Turkey
Date of publication: May 26, 2015 Turkey has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. This has lead to increased demand for high-tech solutions within the areas of energy and health. Simultaneously Turkey has substantially increased investments in innovation, all of which leads to opportunities for fruitful cooperation.
Denmark - Vietnam
Date of publication: Jan 19, 2018 Vietnam is a growth and transition economy in rapid development and the country is increasingly investing in research and education. This development forms the basis for strengthened collaboration with Denmark
Denmark -Israel
Date of publication: Apr 23, 2018 The co-operation between Denmark and Israel includes science, innovation, and higher education.
Denmark - South Africa
Date of publication: Jul 18, 2019 Danish know-how on water-technology is in high demand in South Africa due to a serious lack of water there. Denmark has been cooperating with South Africa since 2015, and Danish research institutions are very much involved in this cooperation.