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Major award to five outstanding researchers

May 05, 2021
Five of Denmark's most talented young researchers will receive this year's EliteForsk awards. They are being honoured for their outstanding research findings; findings crucial to meeting the great societal challenges facing Denmark and the world.

Chemical formulas that resolve almost insoluble problems, furthering the cause of climate change mitigation and other issues. New, ground-breaking knowledge about heart valve diseases, vital to the treatment of patients. Research to find out why people consumed by a cause succeed in bringing about the changes they dream of. Wars and cultures that shape each other and have an impact on the development of our society. New, innovative methods for understanding how plants are affected by environmental and climate changes.

The interests of this year's five EliteForsk winners are wide-ranging and they have all achieved impressive research results which in their own way can be of great significance for the future.

-  In Denmark, we conduct research at a very high level; research that really makes a difference. This is something we must acknowledge and pay tribute to. The EliteForsk award goes to three women and two men from five very different fields of research, who are each behind impressive results in their own field. Each in their own way, they can help solve some of the great societal challenges facing Denmark and the world. I find this both impressive and inspiring, says the Minister for Higher Education and Science, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen.        

Today, these five researchers will each receive DKK 1.2 million in recognition of their great contribution to Danish research. Of this sum, DKK 200,000 is a personal honorary award; DKK 1,000,000 is earmarked for their research activities. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the award ceremony itself has been put off to 10 August 2021, when a festive ceremony will be held in honour of the researchers.

The recipients of the EliteForsk 2021 awards are:

In addition, 20 PhD students will receive this year's EliteForsk travel scholarships each worth DKK 200,000. The scholarships will help the students to further develop their skills by travelling out to visit some of the best foreign research centres.

For more information, please contact:

Senior Press Officer at the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Rasmus Baad: 7231 8073 or rasb@ufm.dk 

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