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Processing of personal data by the Danish Committee on Research Misconduct

The Danish Board on Research Misconduct (Board) processes personal data in a number of different situations in order to handle the tasks that fall under the auspices of the Board.

As part of its task management, the Board may receive identifiable personal data concerning individuals. Some personal data may be “standard information” such as when citizens, the media, businesses, educational institutions or other public authorities contact the Board and where contact information is necessary for the Board to reply to the enquiry. There may also be instances when the Board receives a query from an individual or a representative from an educational institution, and where contact information is necessary for the Board to reply to the individual. Thus, personal data can occur in many different contexts in the work of the Board.

In the following pages, you can read more about how the Board processes personal data. Please note that the Board also processes personal data in other situations then those described in these pages, e.g. reports of research misconduct. In these cases, and if your data will be processed, you will receive a separate letter with further information on how the Board will process your personal data.

In general, the Board processes personal data in the following situations/types of cases/processes:


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last modified January 11, 2023