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News 2013

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The European-Commission launches the first Horizon 2020 calls for proposals

The first calls for projects proposals under the largest European Union research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020, have been launched. The programme will fund not just the best fundamental research, but also applied research and innovation in small and large companies.

Nomination for the Strategic Research Awards 2014

Do you know a research talent that performs excellent strategic research? Here is your chance to nominate the person concerned to the Strategic Research Awards 2014.

Information Meeting on the Societal Challenges under Horizon 2020

On 16 December, the University of Copenhagen and EuroCenter (Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation) will be holding an open information meeting focusing on the Societal Challenges under Horizon 2020, EU’s new framework programme for research and innovation.

Video: A new generation of bio fuels

There is a great need to develop a new generation of biofuels that do not rely on the consumption of foodstuffs to create sustainable energy.

Video: Laboratories the size of a fingernail

Blood sample analysis is a bottleneck during admission to hospitals. New fingernail-sized laboratories make it possible to reduce waiting times for the benefit of patients and the health system in general.

Workshop: Getting Ready for Horizon 2020

Half-day Workshop about how to prepare for the next Framework Programme, Horizon 2020. This workshop will be held in English. The workshop will take place on the 28th of august 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Exchange students in Denmark

Every year, many Danish students travel abroad to avail of an international study experience as part of their education programme, and many international students are coming to Denmark to do the same.

Apply for DFF-funding now

The deadline for proposals for The Danish Council for Independent Research is approaching.

The Danish Council for Strategic Research - Annual Report 2012/2013

What does the potato of the future look like? Is it possible to charge electric cars wirelessly? How to improve cancer screening and diagnostics? The annual report contains priorities 2013, an overview of grants awarded 2012 and case examples of strategic research.

ERA-NET within Industrial Biotechnology call for proposals

The Danish Council for Strategic Research (DCSR) is a partner in the European ERA-NET Industrial Biotechnology (ERA-IB). ERA-IB now announces the fourth international joint call. DCSR has allocated 1 million Euro to participation in the call.

Update on SPIR 2013 – Future production systems

The Danish Council for Strategic Research and the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation's detailed description of the SPIR theme 2013 on Future production systems

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