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Please note: This page only lists publications in English from The Danish Council for Technology and Innovation. A number of publications are only available in Danish. For additional reports, please refer to the list of publications on the Danish website.

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English summary The hidden Danish champions - Productivity successes in Danish industry
Date of publication: Oct 01, 2013 The report “The hidden champions – Danish industrial export successes” provides an in-depth analysis of small Danish manufacturing companies with 50 to 500 employees
Strategy for Denmark's cluster policy
Date of publication: Apr 30, 2013
The Effect of the Industrial PhD Programme on Employment and Income
Date of publication: Jul 10, 2013 New study shows a high employment rate and income among Industrial PhD graduates.
An evaluation of the Danish Innovation Assistant Programme - En effektmåling af Videnpilotordningen
Date of publication: Sep 30, 2013 A new impact analysis conducted using state-of-the-art research methods finds brief employment effects but cannot show statistically significant developments for participating companies
INNO+ Catalogue
Date of publication: Oct 30, 2013 INNO+ exposes specific and significant societal challenges, in which there is a potential for Denmark to create innovative solutions in the short or medium term. INNO+ is part of the work on the Danish government’s innovation strategy.
Case: How TEGnology Won an International Innovation Award
Date of publication: Oct 01, 2012 The small Danish company, TEGnology, is an example of how far you can get when you combine an ambitious entrepreneur from the private sector, knowledge from leading university researchers, and support from an ecosystem for innovation.
Case: How Webstech Saved Two Years of Work
Date of publication: Oct 01, 2012 Thanks to the Danish ecosystem for innovation, the small Danish company, Webstech, got its product on the market two years earlier than had they been on their own.
Case: How DELTA Stuck a Technological Platform to Human Skin
Date of publication: Oct 01, 2012 This story is a journey through the ecosystem for growth and innovation, where a simple thought having to do something with micro electronics was transformed into a well-defined electronic patch applied in different contexts.
Case: How GoalRef Got the Financial Red Card
Date of publication: Oct 01, 2012 The story about GoalRef is not only an example of how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur and start up a new company - it is also a story about the responsibility of public funding.
Europe INNOVA 2012 - Newspaper publication
Date of publication: Oct 23, 2012 The occasion for this newspaper is the Europe INNOVA 2012 conference in Copenhagen on 23-24 October. At the conference, Europe's achievements to promote an encourage innovation are discussed under the headline: Are we good enough at this?
Public Research Commercialisation Survey Denmark 2011 - Summary
Date of publication: Dec 12, 2012 Public Research Commercialisation Survey Denmark 2011