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Strategic research - Principles and Instruments, 1 January 2013
Date of publication: Jan 03, 2013 "Strategic Research – Principles and Instruments” outlines overall values and general guidelines for allocation of funds for strategic research.
Independent peer review panel strongly recommends continuation of research programme
Date of publication: Mar 06, 2013 An independent, international peer review panel has carried out an evaluation of the programme “Interdisciplinary Use of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Information and Communication Technology” (NABIIT) funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research.
Research Barometer 2012 - summary
Date of publication: Mar 14, 2013
The Danish Council for Strategic Research - Annual Report 2012/2013
Date of publication: Mar 21, 2013 What does the potato of the future look like? Is it possible to charge electric cars wirelessly? How to improve cancer screening and diagnostics? The annual report contains priorities 2013, an overview of grants awarded 2012 and case examples of strategic research.
Strategie der Clusterpolitik Dänemarks
Date of publication: Apr 30, 2013 German language publication
Strategy for Denmark's cluster policy
Date of publication: Apr 30, 2013
eGuidance in Denmark: A new initiative to help more persons into education
Date of publication: May 07, 2013 An interview with the Manager of eGuidance, Mrs Kirsten Hahn Larsen.
Analysis of the macroeconomic benefits of attracting international students
Date of publication: Jun 27, 2013 A summary in English of the main findings in the analysis of the socioeconomic benefits of attracting international students.
Core competences in Danish private sector R&D and their economic importance
Date of publication: Jul 05, 2013 This report presents the key results from a mapping of core competences in Danish private sector R&D commissioned by the Danish Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation.
The Danish Council For Independent Research Annual Repport 2012
Date of publication: Jul 08, 2013 The main purpose of the Danish Council for Independent Research is to support excellent research activities in Denmark. With the implementation of approx DKK 1.2 billion in 2012 the council has once again prepared the ground for scientific breakthroughs within all scientific fields.
The Effect of the Industrial PhD Programme on Employment and Income
Date of publication: Jul 10, 2013 New study shows a high employment rate and income among Industrial PhD graduates.
Date of publication: Aug 28, 2013 Annual report on public grants for research, development and demonstration in the energy technology area
An evaluation of the Danish Innovation Assistant Programme - En effektmåling af Videnpilotordningen
Date of publication: Sep 30, 2013 A new impact analysis conducted using state-of-the-art research methods finds brief employment effects but cannot show statistically significant developments for participating companies
INNO+ Catalogue
Date of publication: Oct 30, 2013 INNO+ exposes specific and significant societal challenges, in which there is a potential for Denmark to create innovative solutions in the short or medium term. INNO+ is part of the work on the Danish government’s innovation strategy.
Analyses of Three Danish Innovation Programmes
Date of publication: Nov 01, 2013 The compendium contains impact analyses of The Innovation Assistant Scheme, The Industrial PhD Programme and Innovation Consortia for a unique insight into Danish innovation policy.
Evaluation of The Danish National Research Foundation
Date of publication: Dec 16, 2013 In the evaluation, an international peer review panel, chaired by Dr. Wilhelm Krull, recognises the foundation as a key player in the Danish research system.
Public Research Commercialisation Survey Denmark 2012 - Summary
Date of publication: Dec 18, 2013 Public Research Commercialisation Survey Denmark 2012