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Publications 2016

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Danish Drone Strategy

Drones and drone technology are new growth areas, with huge commercial potential. The Danish Government’s ambition with this Drone Strategy is to establish a framework for technological and commercial development in the area.

Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures 2015

Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures 2015 presents the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science's vision and strategic objectives for the research infrastructures area in the coming five years. It also contains a catalogue of specific proposals for new national research infrastructures

Danish Roadmap for the European Research Area 2016-2020

Grand societal challenges in areas such as climate, environment and food production must be jointly addressed across national borders. It is one of the topics in a new Danish roadmap that will help to strengthen the internal European market for knowledge and thus Danish research.

Denmark's National Space Strategy

Growth through enhanced cooperation. In 2015, the first Danish ESA-astronaut was sent into space. Now the Government has prepared a national strategy for how Space can contribute to growth in Danish society and to help solve some of today's major challenges on the ground.

Drivers for Innovation in China

This ICDK analysis “Drivers for Innovation in China – R&D and Consumer Driven Innovation” is made for Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai. The main focuses for the analysis are drivers for innovation in China, including the increasing investment in R&D and consumer driven innovation and trends.

Mapping of Chinese R&D Networks

This Analysis from the Danish Innovation Centre in Shanghai, China provides a mapping of current development and activities in the Chinese R&D that corresponds with the focus of the Danish Innovation Networks within 22 specific sectors.

RD in macroeconomic policy models

This report presents an overview of the activity in Europe concerning the inclusion of research and development (R&D) activity in macroeconomic models used for policy evaluation.

Strategy for Research and Education concerning the Arctic

New knowledge about the Arctic can play an important role in creating more growth and a more sustainable future. Hence the Ministry of Higher Education and Science has produced a strategy for Arctic research, education and innovation.

The Danish Education System

This publication provides an introduction to the Danish education system. Furthermore, it presents information about the Danish grading system, financing and education grants.

The Danish Space Economy 2016

The Danish language report - Analyse- og Evidensgrundlag for Rumområdet i Danmark - contained the first authoritative evidence base of the Danish space economy in terms of turnover, employment, value added and exports. The document - The Danish Space Economy 2016 - is a summary of this report.

World Class Knowledge

World-Class Knowledge is an analysis of the background for the high performance of Danish research carried out by the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy (DFiR) from 2014–2016.

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