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University staff

The Danish universities are required to comply with the state rules on pay terms and terms of employment for staff employed with the universities

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  • The predominant type of employment for staff at the Danish universities and in the Danish state as a whole is employment on a collective agreement basis. The State Employer’s Authority negotiates collective agreements with the labour organisations on behalf of all public-sector employers, including the universities.

Role of the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation

The Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation provides advice to the universities on the appointment and remuneration of managers and employees. The Agency also safeguards the universities’ interests in connection with collective bargaining. In practice, this means that the Agency maintains an ongoing dialogue with the universities, the labour organisations and the State Employer’s Authority on employer/employee relations, pay and terms of employment for employees at the universities. In addition, the Agency lays down rules on the appointment of academic staff at the universities.

Rules and regulations

Detailed rules have been laid down for the universities in the Ministerial Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities and the Circular on Job Structure. The main purpose of these rules is to increase the mobility of researchers and ensure high academic standards for academic positions. The rules supplement the joint government rules on advertisements and appointment which, among other things, contain requirements concerning the prohibition of discrimination, open advertisements and reasoned statements.

last modified Mar 13, 2015