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Brug rummet - Nyhedsbrev 154

How space can boost Europe's green future / Info dag om Destination Space i Horizon Europe.

Watch the video from IDA Space webinar: Additive Manufacturing (3D print) for and in space

Learn about 3D printing for and in space – an new innovative green technology. 3D printing reduces transport and waste and can print in sustainable materials. 3D printing is a technology under rapid development with several green potentials.

How space can boost Europe's green future

Submit your idea by 14 December. Retained ideas will be funded under ESA’s Basic Activities’ Discovery element. This low TRL programme is open to all ESA Member and Associated Member States. No need for co-funding or national support letters.

Call for Concordia Research MD candidates

Do you want to spend a year in a space analogue the Antarctica Research Station Concordia as part of the next winterover crew of 2023? Applications from Medical Doctors are now open. ESA, French Polar Institute and PNRA must receive your application by 21 January 2022.

Info dag om Destination Space i Horizon Europe. Se eller gense webinaret

I webinaret fra 30. november 2021 informerer EU kommissionen om mulighederne for rummet i Horizon Europe in this webinar. Rummet spiller en afgørende rolle for klimaet og den grønne digitale omstilling, som er i fokus for Horizon Europe. Deadline for ansøgninger er 16. februar 2022

ONLINE long-term Horizon Europe matchmaking until call deadline

Looking for downstream space partners? Register, browse and select potential partners for your next Horizon Europe application using space. You can also be found and selected by others. Join and organize B2B meetings with potential future partners.

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