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Date of national registration: 15 November 2016

Registration information for DTUsat-1:

  • Operator: Technical University of Denmark, DK-2800 Lyngby
  • CVR/VAT-number: DK 30060946
  • National designator: 2003-DK-02
  • Location of launch: Plesetsk 133/3, Russia
  • Date of launch (UTC): 30 June 2003
  • Launch vehicle: Rokot/Briz-Km
  • Status: Not functional after 30 June 2003
  • Date of decay/reentry/deorbit: After at least 100 yr
  • Basic orbital parameters:
    - Nodal period: 101,3 minutes
    - Inclination: 98,7 degrees
    - Apogee: 827 kilometres
    - Perigee: 814 kilometres

General function of space object:

DTUsat-1 was built by students at Technical University of Denmark and as such provided a platform for hands on teaching of space technology and systems engineering. The student satellites primary mission was to test an electrodynamical tether to be used as a tool for space debris mitigation. The tether would reduce deorbiting time. Secondary payloads were a camera and the successful MEMS based sun-sensor. The sensor has now flown on 6 missions. Contact was never established with DTUsat-1. 

  • Date of UN registration: 02 March 2017
  • Date of national registration: 15 November 2016

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