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Date of national registration: 13 February 2023

Registration information for Sternula-1 satellite:

  • Operator: Sternula A/S, Danalien 1, DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark
  • CVR-number: DK40650709
  • National designator: 2023-DK-01
  • UN designator: 2023-001AM
  • Location of launch: Cape Canaveral, USA
  • Date of launch (UTC): 3 January 2023, 14:56,00
  • Launch vehicle: Falcon 9, Transporter-6
  • Status: Still functional
  • Date of decay/reentry/deorbit: Until 2033
  • Basic orbital parameters:

- Nodal period: 95,21 minutes
- Inclination: 97,5 degrees
- Apogee: 533 km
- Perigee: 519 km

General function of space object
Sternula-1 is the first of a constellation of at least 65 satellites delivering VHF Data Exchange coverage to maritime safety and other maritime services. Sternula-1 is a 6U nano satellite with a 2-element cross-yagi and a VHF Data Exchange Satellite Transceiver as payloads. The steerable VDE Data Exchange antenna and transceiver maintain contact with ships. 2 S-band feederlink radios enable contact with ground stations for telemetry and telecommand. Sternula-1 is part of the Danish Innovation Fund grand solutions project MARIOT and shall demonstrate operational services from Danish Maritime Institute to operating ships in the arctic region. After demonstration, commercial operations is targeted.

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