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Experience from an MIT fellow

Nicolaj Søndergaard Mühlbach from Aarhus University was visiting PhD candidate for 6 months at MIT as part of the Danish MIT Fellowship program in 2019.

Nicolaj Søndergaard MühlbachNicolaj has no doubt about how valuable the stay at MIT has been for his career:

“The whole experience of working as an MIT Fellow under this programme was of immense importance for my career, and basically catapulted me into the post doc position at MIT I have now.

In my research, I'm working on interactions between econometrics and machine learning, and there are really few places in the world where you can work with that at the level I do here at MIT. So just being able to attend seminars, chat with people at the coffee machine or in the hallways, that was really valuable.“

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Senest opdateret 03. maj 2022