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The Expert Committee on Quality in Higher Education in Denmark

An external expert committee on quality in higher education was set up to strengthen higher education. The comittee finished its task in January 2015.

The comittee published its first set of recommendations for the Danish Government in April 2014 and its second set in November 2014. In January 2015 the comittee published its final set of recommendations.

The ambition for the Expert Committee on Quality in Higher Education was to create a system of high quality education, which offers the best possible opportunities and challenges for all students. And a system which supports highly skilled and employable graduates for the benefit of both the individual and for society as a whole - thereby contributing to growth, productivity and prosperity in Denmark.

The committee was assigned to publish two reports with recommendations in March and October 2014, thereby dividing the review into two phases. Initially, the committee focused on the overall systemic structure, and the committte did among other aspects look into international examples on how to organise higher education. The second phase took a closer look at the institutional level and which factors promote quality and relevance in education. Here the committee drew on experts within the fields of educational research. A final report which encompasses previous reports was published in January 2015.

As part of its work, the committee carried out an 360 degree review of the quality, relevance and cohesion of the Danish higher education system. Throughout the process, the committee was engaged in dialogue with both higher education institutions, students, teachers, employers and different interest groups.

For further details see the terms of reference (in Danish).

For a full description of the members in the committee, click here (in Danish)  

last modified Sep 06, 2018