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University evaluation in 2009

In 2009 an independent evaluation of the university area was conducted as a follow-up on the university mergers and to ensure a continuous positive development for the Danish universities.

Following a parliamentary resolution and a wish to shed light on the development of the universities’ level of autonomy, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science carried out an independent evaluation of the university area.

The evaluation panel consisted of:

  • Dr. Agneta Bladh, Rector, Kalmar University (Chairman)
  • Professor Georg Winckler, Rector, University of Vienna
  • Dr. Abrar Hasan, independent advisor
  • Professor Elaine El-Khawa, George Washington University
  • Professor Peter Maassen, Oslo University

The evaluation focused on five main areas:

  • Achieving the aims of the merger of universities and government research institutions in 2007
  • Codetermination of employees and students
  • The free academic debate
  • Research freedom
  • Autonomy

The evaluation was organised and conducted by an independent, international panel of experts appointed by the Minister.

The panel could order investigations conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science or by private consultants. The panel was serviced by the Ministry.

The evaluation started in autumn 2008 and completed by the end of 2009.

The Evaluation Report

The evaluation report was released in December 2009.

The evaluation report was sent in public hearing immediately after its release.

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