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University mergers of 2007

In 2007 a new map for the Danish university and research sector was drawn.

In 2007 the Government announced the voluntary mergers of a number of universities and universities and research institutions.

Aims of mergers 

The primary aims of the mergers of universities and research institutions was to:

  • Strengthen Danish research and university education – also in an international context
  • Increase the universities' proportion of business collaboration and innovation
  • Increase the universities' ability to attract international research funding, including EU-funding
  • Enhance services for the public authorities.

From 25 to 11

Before the mergers Denmark had 25 universities and research institutions that was reduced to eight universities and three research institutions. 97 percent of research activities was concentrated at seven universities, and the remaining 3 percent will be divided between four smaller institutions.

Three large universities

The new map of academic Denmark will result in three large universities: the University of Copenhagen, the University of Aarhus and the Technical University of Denmark. These universities will be among the biggest in Europe in terms of resources, which will enhance their ability to attract and retain skilled students and researchers. Approximately two-thirds of public research and university education will in future take place here.

New opportunities

The new universities will gain professional synergies, which will ensure better utilisation of the country's research facilities, new possibilities for education and research, and a greater Danish share of the EU's increasing research grants.

The potential created by the new institutions and collaboration interfaces will then be realised. To ensure the quality of the new map of academic Denmark and the realisation of the potentials, the Government will undertake an evaluation of the institutions in three years.

last modified Jul 03, 2015