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Innovation Networks Denmark

Looking for new partners? Looking for new tools? Looking for new inspiration? Maybe you can find what you are looking for in one of the national Innovation Networks?
Charlotte Rohlin Bastrup
Tlf.: +45 72 31 79 01
Email: CRO@ufm.dk
Kathrine Mariager Andersen
Tlf.: +45 72 31 95 55
Email: kman@ufm.dk
David Grønbæk
Tlf.: +45 72 31 84 21
Email: dagr@ufm.dk

The national Innovation Networks are ready to help companies find new partners among world class scientists, other companies and experts in Denmark as well as abroad.

What are the services of the Innovation Networks?

The national Innovation Networks offer companies access to the latest research and innovation trends within their respective fields of expertise just as they provide inspiration on tendencies within new technology, product innovation and innovation methods.

The Innovation Networks can also assist in finding new partners for collaboration on both small- or large-scale research and innovation projects between private companies, researchers, the public sector, technological service providers and other partners – in Denmark and abroad.

The Innovation Networks each have their own technical or professional focus within areas such as experience and tourism, energy, climate change, food, manufacturing, ICT, offshore, welfare technology. Each innovation network operates on national level.

How can the Innovation Networks help companies?

The Innovation Networks can:

  • Help develop ideas into new competitive products or services.
  • Provide inputs and advise for solving problems with product development and innovation.
  • Provide access to a comprehensive network of researchers from universities, technological service providers as well as other private companies.
  • Provide overview of and contact to the public research and innovation promotion system.
  • Provide specific professional resources to relieve companies of the burden to invest in manpower or the latest technological knowledge themselves.
  • Be a stepping stone for an internationalisation of companies.

What do the Innovation Networks do?

The Innovation Networks have a multitude of skills and activities which include:

  • Matchmaking and creating collaboration between companies, researchers, the public sector, technological service providers and other partners.
  • Initiating specific development projects within the relevant professional field of the network.
  • Arranging conferences, seminars and workshops on themes of interest for the members of the network.
  • Helping with fundraising and with the preparation of applications for funding etc.
  • Publishing newsletters and other types of information about trends, research results, etc.
  • Hosting internationalisation initiatives, e.g. study trips.

Who can participate in the Innovation Networks?

The Innovation Networks are open to all interested companies in Denmark. You can find more information on how to sign up on the individual web pages of each Innovation Network.

How are the Innovation Networks financed?

Companies have to finance their own participation in the Innovation Network activities. The man hours used in the companies have to be registered and are concluded in the total budget of the relevant network.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science finances up to half of the Innovation Network activities.

The funding that the Innovation Networks receive from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science is used for the professional operation of a network secretariat, facilitating matchmaking activities as well as for running specific collaboration projects within e.g. research, education, knowledge dissemination. The networks have to obtain the other half of the funding from private companies, regional funds, etc.

What are the objectives of the Innovation Networks?

  • To strengthen public-private collaboration and knowledge transfer between public universities and private companies on research and innovation.
  • To strengthen innovation and research in Danish companies and thus promote knowledge-based growth in business and industry.
last modified Jan 11, 2019