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About EuroCenter and EU-DK Support

EuroCenter and EU-DK Support advise Danish companies, universities, research institutes and other stakeholders about participation in the EU's research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020.

Free Counselling from EU-DK Support

EuroCenter coordinates the nationwide network of a advisers EU-DK Support. EU-DK Support counseling is free of charge and our aim is to support Denmark's participation in EU programmes in the area of research, innovation, culture and business development. Cooperation between the many public advisors will ensure that you receive well-qualified, effective and timely support and guidance.

Our target group is broadly based; we advise research institutions, small and large companies, public institutions and interest organisations. We seek to provide an overview of the EU programmes and support schemes that exist, in order to create incentives to exploit the opportunities for EU funding.

If you are looking for advice on Horizon 2020 you can either contact EuroCenter or your local EU adviser who may be affiliated to your university or regional EU office.

Find your local EU adviser at:

Counselling from EuroCenter

EuroCenter's services include:

  • Answering specific questions about Horizon 2020 by telephone or e-mail
  • Information meetings and webinars about Horizon 2020
  • Courses on for instance; How to write a competitive proposal and how to manage report
  • Leaflets, reports and the magazine EUindblik.

Advisers in EuroCenter are appointed as National Contact Points for the varoius areas under Horizon 2020 and attend regular meetings with the European Commission in order to stay updated with information about Horizon 2020.

EuroCenter also contribute to the political agenda of the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science on topics regarding Horizon 2020. This is done as members of the programme committees for the various Horizon 2020 research areas, by shared responsibility for the reference groups and by contributing to initiatives and activities about internationalisation of Danish research.


Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science 
Haraldsgade 53
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
Tel: +45 3544 6240
E-mail: eurocenter@ufm.dk

DANRO - our office in Brussels

DANRO (The Danish EU Research Liaison Office) represents Danish research interests within the European Union. The purpose of DANRO is to promote and increase Danish participation in Horizon 2020.

last modified Oct 06, 2020