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Find Project Partners

Horizon 2020 is focused on international and interdisciplinary collaboration. Accordingly, the composition and knowledge of project partners is emphasised when the European Commission reviews Horizon 2020 applications. You can use EU-DK Support and the Innovation Centers to find the right partners.

It is important to establish collaboration with other partners early in the process. You can search for partners for your own project or find a project that needs your skills. It is important that the project partners:

  • Are the best ones for the project
  • Have an actual interest in the project and in the project results
  • Have experiences which complement each other (avoid overlapping)
  • Have time to work on the project

Furthermore, it is an advantage if the partners know each other some, as it eases cooperation, and if some of them have been involved in EU projects previously. This way, they already know what is required in an EU project.

A good place to start is by looking into ongoing projects and considering how the more experienced participants handle their role in the projects.

Watch EuroCenters Information Video: How to Address Interdisciplinary Cooperation in Horizon 2020


About Consortiums

For most types of Horizon 2020 grants, it is a requirement that at least three project partners from three different countries make up the  consortium. Yet, there are exceptions to this requirement - primarily in ERC-grants, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and in the SME-Instrument. Before collaborating in a project, it is important that you read and understand the rules for forming a consortium, including the rules for partners in international consortiums.

Where to Find Project Partners

EU-DK Support Network

EU-DK Support logo

EU-DK Support is a network of Danish EU advisors who offer information about partnerships and partner searches. You can use the matchmaking function at the network's website to find potential partners.

 Innovation Centre Denmark

 The Danish Innovation Centers offer assistance in finding global project partners for your project. The centers are located in Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Munich, São Paulo, New Delhi, Seoul and Tel Aviv and there is a satellite office in Tokyo. The centers are part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science in Denmark.

last modified Jul 21, 2020