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Innovation Centre Denmark in New Delhi/Bangalore

India is the world's largest democracy and with its population of 1.2 billion and yearly growth rates of 6-8 percent, India qualifies as a future economic great powers.

Why India?

India has a very young population. 60 percent of the population is under 30. This demography demands a massive effort in the area of education. There is potential here for strengthening and developing the cooperation on education and student-mobility between Denmark and India, which at the moment is at a relatively low level. Indian universities are encouraged to strengthen their internationalization by entering into innovative cooperation agreements with foreign universities.

Increased focus on research, innovation and higher education is seen as an important factor in ensuring India’s future growth. There is a demand for innovative solutions to India’s challenges in regard to health solutions, energy supply and waste water management among others.

Meanwhile, large efforts are taken to attract more Indian businesses to the research environment and tying businesses and universities closer together, to which end a number of “incubation parks” will be created at some of the countries’ universities.

Biotechnology is already an area in which Denmark and India has constructed a preliminary research-cooperation. This cooperation can in time be expanded to other areas within health-research, but other Danish positions of strength might also be developed – for instance within ICT and space research.

Research and innovation collaboration

Denmark and India have a bilateral agreement on research and innovation collaboration within the area of biotechnology. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has convened a steering committee to ensure progress in the collaboration.

With the aid of the steering committee several Danish-Indian biotech research groups have strengthened their networks and launched common research projects. There have been established Danish-Indian workshops - most recently on the themes stemcell research and nutritional science.

The steering committee has furthermore given out several ScoutIndia grants to facilitate exchange between Danish and Indian researchers seeking partners for collaboration and the establishment of relevant contacts.

The bilateral agreements between the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and Indian actors are negotiated through the innovation attaché.

Attaché in New Delhi

 Jakob Williams Ørberg

Jakob Williams Ørberg will be stationed as the innovation attaché in Innovation Centre Denmark New Delhi.

Email: jakorb@um.dk

Phone: +91 9953085579