– A basis for prioritisation of strategic research

The RESEARCH2015-catalogue was published 21. May 2008 and was the first systematic, thorough and forward-looking basis for a political prioritisation of strategic research. The catalogue is now replaced by the RESEARCH2020- catalogue. The catalogue is the result of one year’s work during which a substantial part of society contributed to the identification of the 21 most promising future research areas for Denmark.

Every year, society spends a part of public research funds on strategic research within particular fields which may be a driving force in the continued prosperity development or which may solve significant societal problems.

Strategic research is defined as research within a thematically limited area, which is subject to a political prioritisation. E.g. research within fields which could secure better environment and a more efficient energy supply, or research in measures which may improve prevention in the field of public health.

RESEARCH2015 was based on extensive hearings, dialogue and analysis during which Ministries, research councils, members of the business establishment and other stakeholders from a wide range of society were included.

The RESEARCH2015-catalogue is distributed free of charge until stocks are exhausted by contacting Schultz Distribution by phone (+45) 43 63 23 00 or by email


RESEARCH2015 was developed to improve the basis for prioritisation of the funds under the National budget for strategic research.

As part of the agreement on implementation of the globalisation pool from 2006, the parties in the agreement (Denmark’s Liberal Party, the Conservative People’s Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Danish People’s Party and the Social-Liberal Party) decided that the basis for the political prioritisation of funds for strategic research should be improved. At the same time the Folketing (Danish Parliament) is to be presented with a catalogue of important future strategic research themes every four years.
This was the basis and the purpose of the RESEARCH2015-initiative and it was the first time such a catalogue was drawn up.

The catalogue’s proposals for strategic research themes was focused on the long-term challenges - both on opportunities and problems – areas in which Danish research and new knowledge can be the driving force in the economic development or contribute to implementation of significant policies in Danish society.


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