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JRC-DFiR Workshop on Science for policymaking in Denmark, 22 April 2021

The Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy (DFiR) and the European Commission's Research Council are hosting a joint webinar on science for policymaking in Denmark
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  • Hvornår 22. april 2021 fra 15:00 til 18:00

The webinar addresses the need of a clear communication and adaptation of scientific evidence and advice and how to improve use of science advice as a fundamental resource for policymaking in contemporary societies. 

DFiR has commisioned a discussion paper as background for the webinar. DFiR invited the authors to draft a discussion paper that presents an overview of the eco-system of scientific advice in Denmark as well as challenges and items for future consideration. The discussion paper is authored by David Budtz Pedersen and Rolf Hvidtfelt.

A preliminary report has been drafted based on the notes taken during the webinar. It is a working document and comments and corrections are most welcome, please contact:





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