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Online workshop: Bioprinting in Space

Join the 2-day free-of-charge workshop organised by ESA, DLR and TU Dresden on 15-16 March with the goal to discuss potentials of 3D bioprinting for space applications and to identify important preparatory research tasks to get bioprinting ready for takeoff. Deadline for registration: 13 March
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  • Hvornår 15. marts 2022 til 16. marts 2022
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3D Bioprinting is a multidisciplinary field targeting the fabrication of functional tissues and organs from living cells in a layer-by-layer manner. 3D Bioprinting allows the inclusion of multiple cell types in the same layer or in different regions of the construct, while maintaining a high spatial resolution. 3D Bioprinters commonly use ‘bioinks’ based on human cells, the materials and nutrients needed to grow body tissues such as skin, bone, and cartilage.

Besides providing a useful research tool for studying 3D tissues, the possibility to 3D-print living cell constructs is now paving the way towards the production of patient-specific tissues and organs. 


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