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MAGIC Science and Applications Workshop

ESA and NASA are organizing a workshop with the goal to assemble international experts and discuss the evolution of the international user community needs towards MAGIC and future satellite gravity missions, and to foster interaction with the operational/decision maker user communities
  • Tid og sted
  • Hvornår 02. november 2023 til 03. november 2023
  • Hvor Assisi, Italy

The Workshop on the future Mass Change And Geosciences International Constellation (MAGIC) welcomes contributions from Earth Observation science and application prospective users, with interests in the areas of hydrology, oceanography, solid Earth, geodesy, cryosphere and climate, decision makers and stakeholders from operational services, commercial users and others interested in sharing their knowledge and experience and in utilizing MAGIC data.

The abstract submission in open until 31st of August 2023.

Registration deadline: 30 September 2023.

Credits: ESA /AOES Medialab


Anne Birgitte Klitgaard
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 42
Email: ak@ufm.dk

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