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Nordic Study Trip: Visiting the Scottish Space Cluster

CenSec and Scottish Development International are arranging a study trip for Nordic actors to experience the Scottish Space Cluster. The study trip will take place on 5-6 june and participation except accommodation and transport to and from Scotland is free of charge.
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  • Hvornår 05. juni 2023 til 06. juni 2023

The final programme is now available.

Did you know that more satellites are produced in Scotland than anywhere else in Europe? The Scottish space ecosystem is thriving, and with several spaceports in development, Scotland offers solutions across the entire space value chain–from design and manufacture of satellites to launch, telecoms and downstream applications.

If you are based in the Nordics and have an interest in space, you are invited to the study trip organised by CenSec and Scottish Development International to visit the space cluster in Edinburgh and learn from Scotland’s rapidly growing space sector and its uniquely joined-up ecosystem. The study trip will take place 5-6 june.

In conjunction with the study trip participants will additionally have the opportunity attend the Space-Comm Expo in Farnborough, England - the UK’s largest event for the commercial space sector.

Participation in the programme is free with participants only paying for their own accommodation and own transport to and from Scotland.

To register your interest in participation or to share your ideas for the programme you can contact Anders Laustsen, Project Development Manager, at CenSec, at .

More information can be found here as well as in the attached two-pager about the trip.



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