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ESA Academy offers new space courses for students

ESA's Education Office invites university students to apply for three brand new ESA Academy’s Space Weather Training Course as well as for new editions of the Product Assurance Awareness Training Course and CubeSat Hands-on Training Week. They will take place in May and June 2023 in Belgium.

Foto. ESA
Foto. ESA

Space Weather Training Course 2023

From spacecraft hardware in orbit to power distribution networks on the ground, solar events, and the interaction between them, can significantly impact and disrupt our technology. In this light, having a clear understanding of the European space weather landscape acquires a renovated significance and thus the pertinence of having this course on ESA Academy's Training and Learning Programme portfolio.

Designed with the collaboration of ESA's Space Weather Office, this 5-day course covers space weather scientific and technological fundamentals, monitoring, forecasting, modelling, and technological impacts along with an outlook toward the domain’s evolution in the future.
A tour of ESA's Space Weather Coordination Centre and the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence at the Space Pole in Brussels, and both ESA’s Space Weather Data Centre and Proba-2 Operations Centre at ESEC-Redu is also being organised.

Students will be able to apply the acquired knowledge throughout the week in a group project to be evaluated on the last day.

Dates: 8 – 12 May 2023

Open to: Master or PhD student studying an engineering subject, science, or business administration/communication with a science or engineering background.

Deadline to apply: 13 March 2023, 23:59 CET

Product Assurance Awareness Training Course

Project engineers try hard to make their space missions operated as planned, but the truth is that sometimes... that is not enough. After all, what can go wrong will go wrong, is not that right?
Here is ESA's Product Assurance engineers' time to shine. They make sure missions are failure-proofing by verifying compliance with Product Assurance requirements, securing the availability of qualified materials, parts, processes, and personnel to all ESA missions, and overall ensuring consistency and agreement across the entire space sector in the quality of European products.
The 4-day course, developed with the collaboration of ESA’s Product Assurance and Safety Department (PA&S), will be a full one, with its managers and discipline experts sharing their knowledge on why Product Assurance is an integral part of engineering activities and how it plays a crucial role in the development, design, test philosophy, building, and operation of systems.

Dates: 23 – 26 May 2023

Open to: Master or PhD students studying an engineering subject.

Deadline to apply: 21 March 2023, 23:59 CET

CubeSat Hands-on Training Week 2023

Implementing a CubeSat mission is as easy as it gets if you know where to start. And there is no better way to learn than participating in the upcoming CubeSat Hands-On Training Week.
University students with innovative ideas for educational CubeSat mission or working on CubeSat projects at a conceptual or preliminary stage, will perform experiments on Educational Satellites (ESAT), learn how subsystems work and interact with each other as well as discover how to conduct Assembly, Integration and Verification (AIV), and handle tests using real hardware.

The ESAT model provided by ESA’s Education Office is a 10cm x 10cm x 10cm one (similar to a 1U CubeSat) developed by Theia Space, whose staff will supervise the "lab sessions".

Throughout the week, ESA experts will also step in, complementing the hands-on activities with lectures on the various fields of CubeSat subsystems, testing, and operations. As such, this Training Week is an ideal opportunity for students to become familiar with the Fly Your Satellite! programme

Dates: 5 – 9 June 2022

Open to: Bachelor, Master or PhD students studying an engineering or scientific subject with good knowledge in space technology.

Deadline to apply: 3 April 2023, 23:59 CET


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