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Launch your idea for on-orbit experiment topics for humans in space.

If you are a startup or researcher and address pioneering on-orbit experiment topics for humans in space, the 2024 Humans in Space Challenge might be for you. The challenge addresses the two topics: Critical Problems in Space and Critical Problems on Earth. The call closes June 27th.

The Humans in Space Challenge 2024 is facilitated by the Humans in Space Program led by the South Corean based investement company Boryung.

The goal of the Humans in Space Program is to be a platform for collaborative solutions that invests in startups developing disruptive technology as well as researchers addressing critical space healthcare challenges on both Earth and in Space.

The 2024 Humans in Space Challenge addresses topics of the two domains:

  1. Critical Problems in Space, such as tackling human health challenges or risks as well as countermeasure related to extended human presence in space
  2. Utilizing the space environment to solve critical health problems on Earth

And the objective is to through this invest in disruptive ideas and technologies.

The challenge has two award tracks: Equity Investment (for startups only) and Orbital Launch Funding (for startups and researchers), of $50K equity-based funding and up to $250K funding to support costs associated with launching the idea to orbit, respectively.

Boryung is a healthcare investment company founded in 1957 with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Boryung mention on their homepage to "dedicate its purpose to the progress of healthcare and investment by sharing ethos to build limitless opportunities as well as to strengthening earning power with aggressive investments and the facilitation of robust business growth".

The call closes on June 27th 11:59 PM (ET). (Which in Denmark is June 28th 05:59 (CEST).)


Alexandra Martinussen Vikner
Tlf.: +45 72 31 95 01
Email: amv@ufm.dk

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