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New Nordic for high-tech space entrepreneurs

This week ESA BIC’s in the Nordic countries has kicked off NORDIC LAUNCH for a new generation of high-tech space entrepreneurs. The 65 participants will get access to important industry partners, investors, and experts in business development and help to create commercial value on Earth

ESA BIC Denmark – European Space Agency’s Business Incubation center in Denmark - has sent us this story about NORDIC LAUNCH:

Over the next three weeks a new generation of Nordic space entrepreneurs is embarking on the first stage of their journey towards a successful startup. The vehicle for that journey is the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center startup acceleration program NORDIC LAUNCH.

NORDIC LAUNCH is a startup pre-incubation program organized by the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centers (ESA BICs) in Denmark, Norway Sweden, Finland, and Estonia.

The program bring together ambitious startups and highly experienced business coaches alongside specialized technical and commercial mentors and space industry partners. The goal is to accelerate the maturation of startups to help them apply for the ESA BIC incubation program in either ESA BIC Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, or Estonia. The ESA BIC program offers a free-of-charge package of business coaching, technical support, and cash incentives of 50.000 EUR during an incubation period of up to 2 years.

The common denominator for all of the startups in the program is that they propose to use space technology or satellites to create commercial value on planet Earth. The participants have exciting ideas and technologies which may help solve challenges not only related to the space industry as such but also with regards to energy and environmental challenges, agriculture, oceans, and health.

The participants in the program will have access to important industry partners, investors, and experts in business development. Among others, the corporate partners of Nordic Launch 2022, Equinor, Nordea, Terma, GomSpace, SONY, Beyond Gravity, T-lab, and the Norwegian Space Center will provide important contributions to the program.


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