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Idea and Choice of Call

There are three keywords you need have in mind when you are preparing your project proposal and application for Horizon 2020: Call, topic and work programme. In the following you will find more information about these three keywords.

Idea and Selection of Call

There are three central keywords when you are searching for funding opportunities in Horizon 2020,and preparing your project proposal:

  • Call
  • Topic
  • Work Programme

You can read more about the three keywords below.


To find the right funding opportunity for your idea, you need to find a relevant call and topic. Calls are the specific areas which you can apply within. The calls and the application deadlines are typically announced every other year, but this depends on the subprogramme which the call is part of. The calls are announced by the European Commission on the website; Funding & Tenders Portal. The calls describe the general framework such as research and innovation subject, deadlines, budget, etc. Within each call, there is a number of specific topics and an application needs to address one of these.

The website Funding & Tenders Portal cover:

  • Topics open for applications (open)
  • Topic, closed for applications due to exceeded deadline(s) (closed)
  • Forthcoming topics, not yet open for applications (forthcoming)


Every call consists of a number of specific topics. These describe the societal challenges which the European Commission expects projects to address. Your project proposal needs to carefully correspond with the expectations and goals described in the topic text.

Work Programme

The calls and topics are described in two-year work programmes which defines the goals for each sub-programme in H2020.

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last modified Jul 02, 2019