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Partnership agreements with leading universities in USA

The The Danish Ministry for Science, Innovation and Higher Education has signed partnership agreements with the H-STAR and SUNCAT at Stanford University and CITRIS at UC Berkeley.

The partnership agreement with H-STAR and SUNCAT
The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation concluded October 1st 2009 a partnership agreement with research center for Human Science & Technologies Advanced Research Institute (H-STAR) at Stanford University. Top of the world scientist in ICT, communication, media, organisation, education and industrial are working at H-STAR and in 2012 with SUNCAT research center. SUNCAT is focusing on the atomic-scale understanding of surfaces, interfaces, and catalysts, aiming at providing the insight necessary for carrying out the systematic design of novel active and selective heterogeneous catalysts, electro-catalysts, and photo-electro-catalysts, in particular with a focus on energy-transformation and storage.

The Partnership Agreements has been made by Innovation Center Denmark Silicon Valley as part of an overall strategy to connect Danish and Californian Universities. It helps to initiate the Danish government Strategy for Globalisation regarding increasing Danish universities possibilities to participate in foreign universities networks as part of the universities international research collaboration.

All Danish universities can use the partnership agreements that includes joint workshops, match making between Danish researchers and researchers at Stanford University and – in the start up phase – a smaller amout of visiting scientist grants to Danish researchers.

The H-STAR partnership agreement (PDF)
Partnership agreement with CITRIS
The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education  is engaged in a partnership agreement in the research network CITRIS at UC Berkeley.

The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation concluded February 2008 a partnership agreement with the innovative Californian research network CITIRIS.

The flagship in the research network “CITRIS” (Center for Information Technology in the Interest of Society) is UC Berkeley outside of San Francisco in California. The university is among the absolute best in the world. The network is focussing on IT, energy, bio-tech and nano-tech, and includes world class research groups and some of the most prominent IT-companies of Silicon Valley.

The agreement is followed up with joint conferences and guest scientist stays in California for Danish researchers.

More on CITRIS (PDF)

last modified Feb 08, 2013