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Media Invitation: ESA Council Meeting at Ministerial Level

At the ESA Council at Ministerial level, CM22, which will be held in Paris on 22nd and 23rd November, ESA’s Member States, Associated States and Cooperating States will be invited to together strengthen Europe’s space ambitions and ensure that space continues to serve European citizens.
  • Tid og sted
  • Hvornår 23. november 2022 fra 13:30 til 14:15
  • Hvor Paris or online

ESA’s plans for the coming years reflect the needs of the Member States and a new ambition to raise Europe up another level in space activities. The mandatory activities are the space science programmes and the general budget. They are funded by a financial contribution from all 22 Member States, calculated in accordance with each country’s gross national product. In addition, ESA conducts a number of optional programmes. Each Member State decides in which optional programme they wish to participate and the amount they wish to contribute.

Accredited journalists will be provided with the following media opportunities on location during and after CM22. Journalist unable to be physically present will be given remote opportunities to listen, interview and record.

Journalists are invited to take note that while the announcement of the new astronaut class of 2022 immediately follows the CM22 press conference, the two events are treated as two different media occasions, with separate media invitations and press releases.


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