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Summer School Alpbach. Exoplanets: Understanding alien worlds in diverse environments

The summer school programme will focus on missions like CoRoT, Kepler and TESS space missions in tandem with ground based observations. They have enabled the identification of more than 5000 planets outside our solar system. Deadline for registration: February 28, 2023
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  • Hvornår 11. juli 2023 til 20. juli 2023

Foto. ESA–C. Carreau
Foto. ESA–C. Carreau

The Summer School takes place in Alpbach, Tirol in Austria is organized by ESA and the Austrian Research Organization, FFG. It is open to 60 selected young science and/or engineering students and graduates from among the member, associate and cooperating states of the European Space Agency (ESA). Students need to be citizens of one of these states to be eligible for financial support by the relevant national sponsoring agencies or universities.

The registration fee charged is € 450 and covering working material, free access to copying, computer, e-mail and internet facilities at the School House, free coffee and dinner vouchers (including one free drink per evening) for the entire period of the Summer School including the weekend.

Travel and accommodation costs are not included in the registration fee. The costs for bed & breakfast accommodation in Alpbach amount to about € 60,- per person, per night in private houses. A stay of 11 nights is essential for all participants which sums up to about € 660 for accommodation costs per student. All student accommodation will be arranged by Austria and we will contact the selected students from our side.

Students will have to pay all lodging expenses when they leave Alpbach in their private houses and will have to seek refund from national sources.

Students at all levels - Bacherlor, Master or PhD enrolled in a university - are eligible.

Selection criteria:

  • qualification, academic grade
  • experience and background
  • expertise in the specific topic of the Summer School
  • science and/or engineering expertise
  • skills valuable for a space summer school
  • diversity as regards gender, nationality & member states, age, across universities


Cecilie Tornøe
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 84
Email: ct@ufm.dk

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