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Call for ideas: ESA's Open Space Innovation Platform (OSIP)

ESA has launched a call for ideas on Knowledge Management. ESA is looking for innovative ideas in Knowledge Management to support the future space activities undertaken by the Agency for the benefit of its Member States and the European space ecosystem as a whole!

The Call for Ideas is implemented as an OSIP Campaign as part of the Heritage Space, Archives and Knowledge Management element of the Basic Activities. 

ESA Knowledge Management's mission is to ensure that the Agency's knowledge and know-how, generated in its 50+ years of operations, is duly identified, shared and exploited in order to achieve its current and future strategic and operational objectives, for the benefit of the organization and the European space community.

It is therefore fundamental for us to create a dialogue with all individuals, institutions, organizations, companies and researchers who are passionate about and have a stake in Space and the European Space Agency, and want to take part and contribute!

This call for ideas is intended to find reciprocal needs in terms of information and knowledge management -- and solutions to address them.

What ESA can do for you? What ESA space knowledge and know-how could you better use in your activities?

Which solutions, methodologies or techniques in terms of knowledge and information management and sharing do you think can help ESA pursue its mission?


Cecilie Tornøe
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 84
Email: ct@ufm.dk

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