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#MyEUspace competition open for applications - €1 million in prizes

The #MyEUspace competition will be giving out a total of €1 million in prizes to innovators and entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions using EU space data and services. With a wide range of thematic tracks, various types of projects can be submitted. Application deadline: November 15 2021


Do you have an innovative project, or idea for a project, that utilizes EU space data and services, but are in need of funding? Then you are in luck! September 1st EUSPA launched the competition #myEUspace offering funding opportunities projects that can help pave the way for the future exploitation and commercialization of EU space data and solutions.

With over 2 billion Galileo-enabled smartphones and an increasingly fast paced uptake of space technology among other devices (wearables, drones, IoT and robotics to mention a few), no market segment and application can afford to miss integrating space data and services into their next generation of products and services.

With over 50 awards, #myEUSpace consists of two independent and parallel tracks, each one with a list of goals and deliverables. Track 1 – “From Idea to Prototype/customer validation” – aims to turn a theoretical idea into a product prototype/beta version. Track 2 – “From Prototype to Product /Market entry” – aims to develop a prototype or beta idea into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The #MyEUspace competition is part of the European commission's CASSINI initiative.

Potential applicants can apply by 15th November 2021 (23:59 CET). The ideas will be assessed  towards their EU-space relevance, their innovative approach, their market potential, their feasibility within the limits of current technology and finally, their operational organization. The competition foresees various prizes and awards at different stages of the competition.