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Input needed for a preliminary market consultation on the Secure Connectivity

The European Commission is carrying out a preliminary market consultation for the implementation of the forthcoming Secure Connectivity programme and looks for interested parties to provide inputs. Deadline for responding is 9 September 2022, 16:00.

The European Commission has released a survey looking for inputs for a preliminary market consultation regarding the implementation of the upcoming Secure Connectivity programme.

The objective of the Secure Connectivity programme is to establish a sovereign space-based secure connectivity system for the provision of secure, autonomous, reliable and cost-effective satellite governmental communication services to governmental users supporting the protection of critical infrastructures, surveillance, external actions, crisis management and applications that are critical for the economy, environment, security and defence.

At the same time, the Programme intends to enable the provision of commercial services by the private sector to facilitate, among others, further development of worldwide high-speed broadband, and seamless connectivity as well as removing communication dead zones and increasing cohesion across Member States’ territories.

The secure connectivity programme also aims at strengthening the competitiveness of EU industry, including SMEs and start-ups, in the field of satellite communication solutions and services by spearheading innovation to ensure that technological advances and their governmental use act as a driver of innovation and wider commercialisation.

The consultation document contains both information about the Secure Connectivity system as well as a number of questions that the European Commission would like input on. Respondents do not need to answer all questions but can simply answer those they consider relevant to them.

Interested parties are invited to provide inputs and ideas by sending contributions as requested in the published document to DEFIS-SECURE-CONNECTIVITY@ec.europa.eu.

Deadline for response is 9 September 2022, 16:00.

Please provide your input in this:



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