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Submit your innovative Copernicus Masters solution NOW

The global innovation network for Earth observation applications - Copernicus Masters - invites you to submit your innovative solution within transport & mobility solutions to infrastructure, maritime, agricultural, environmental protection, energy and sustainable solutions. Deadline: 11 July 2022

The 12th edition of the Copernicus Masters is calling for innovative solutions – ranging from– and is open to individuals of at least 18 years of age, consortia or legal entities. Universities, start-ups, SMEs and bigger companies, research organisations and associates from all around the globe are invited to join!

Participants in the Copernicus Masters can choose from 7 themed Challenges and 14 unthemed Regional Prizes worth an overall prize pool of more than EUR 500,000, including:

  • EUR 10,000 for the overall competition winner
  • Networking and business support packages from leading EO organisations
  • Great cash prizes
  • Various regional and country-specific prizes

With nearly 6 weeks left, there isn’t much time. Please encourage your network to register and submit their innovative solution by 11 July 2022.

This is a unique opportunity to increase the exposure and credibility of innovative services, products, business solutions and ideas at a global level.

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