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Cybersecurity, Concurrent Engineering, Space Systems, and CubeSats training sessions: Applications open for four ESA courses!

ESA’s Education Office is inviting eligible university students to apply for the four training sessions taking place in April and May at ESA Academy’s Training & Learning Facility in ESEC-Galaxia, Transinne, Belgium.

Cybersecurity Training Course

ESA and its Member States handle vital information and data crucial for Europe's security. Cyber threats are increasing in complexity and targeting space-related infrastructures and thus ESA is committed to safeguarding its space assets and those of its partners and Member States. To address this, ESA Academy is launching a new Cybersecurity Training Course. This course will provide students with an understanding of cybersecurity threats in the space sector, security engineering for space systems, and practical experience in securing space communication systems.

Concurrent Engineering Challenge

Concurrent engineering, a method in the space sector, involves designing all subsystems simultaneously, unlike traditional methods. Specialists from different disciplines collaborate at a dedicated facility, making the process more efficient. Students at ESA Academy's Training Facility will work in teams to design subsystems, using Concurrent Engineering to meet mission requirements. They'll also receive training on the Concurrent Model-Based Engineering Tool (CoMET) before the Challenge.
Students who apply will work from ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Facility, along with other groups of students from multiple universities.

Space Systems Engineering Training Course

Space Systems Engineering holds immense significance within the space industry, playing a pivotal role in the success of any space mission, be it a student-crafted CubeSat or a commercial communications satellite. Space Systems Engineers take charge of space projects, guiding them from inception to completion. They collaborate with diverse fields to define user needs, establish requirements, and craft the ultimate design.
Over the span of four days, students in attendance will gain insight into the foundations and hurdles of Space Systems Engineering. They will explore the responsibilities of Systems Engineers at ESA and delve deeply into the System Engineering process.

CubeSat Hands-On Training Week

This Training Week is a great opportunity for university students to get hands-on experience with CubeSats and to apply theoretical knowledge obtained from classroom lectures. In groups of two, students will have the opportunity to perform experiments on Educational Satellites (ESAT) and learn how subsystems work and interact with each other. The focus throughout the Training Week, will be on hands-on learning with ‘’lab sessions’’ supervised by staff from Theia Space, which will be complemented by lectures on the various fields of CubeSat subsystems, testing, and operations, delivered by ESA experts.


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