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EU OPEN call: In Orbit Demonstration/Validation - 2023/2026

Get your equipment tested in space. Under the Horizon Europe programme the European Commission is calling for expression of interest for the use of In Orbit Demonstration/Validation - IOD/IOV. There will be multiple cut-off dates all the way until 2026, with the first cut-off date being 31 May 2023


There are two parallel Calls for Expression of Interest - one for experiments and one for satellites:

1. IOD/IOV Experiments needing aggregation;
2. Ready to Fly IOD/IOV satellites.

The calls are open to EU Member States and Associated Countries to Horizon Europe.

IOD/IOV Experiments needing aggregation
Only experiments which have reached a sufficient maturity level equal to TRL 5/6 will be considered to proceed as IOD/IOV experiments with a view to reach TRL 7 (system prototype demonstration in space environment). The European Commission provides a European launch and launch services but experiments will have to bear the costs of their own development up to and including the flight models.

Experiments will be self-standing with direct mechanical, thermal, electrical and data interfaces with the IOD/IOV spacecraft. Direct interfaces mean that the development of a dedicated space unit managing each proposed experiment is not required.

Ready to Fly IOD/IOV satellites
Only satellites which have reached a sufficient maturity level will be considered. It shall be noted that “ready to fly” IOD/IOV satellites shall bear the costs of their own development up to and including the flight models as well as contribute to the co-funding of the launch service.

“Ready to fly” IOD/IOV satellites are satellites with a payload or a set of payloads including innovative technologies, products, concepts, architectures, and operations techniques that require in orbit demonstration/validation. The European Commission will ensure a European launch and launch services.

The “Ready to Fly” initiative is carried out in a collaboration with the European Space Agency, ESA and ESA’s BOOST! Programme covering some dedicated costs for members of the BOOST! Programme. Denmark is not part of the BOOST! Programme but Danish entities can apply for the EU launch opportunity.


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