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European Commission has launched the call for tender on the IRIS2 Satellite Constellation

Help build the European Union’s answer to pressing challenge of tomorrow – the IRIS2 Satellite Constellation. 30 % of the tasks must be carried out by SME’s and Start Up’s. IRIS2 will be a space-based secure communication system for the benefit of EU citizens.


The IRIS2 Satellite Constellation will be offering enhanced communication capacities to governmental users, businesses, while ensuring high-speed internet broadband to cope with connectivity dead zones.

With the development of a state-of-the-art connectivity system, Europe will offer enhanced communication capacities to governmental users as well as to business users.

The system will support a large variety of governmental applications, mainly in the domains of surveillance (e.g. border surveillance), crisis management (e.g. humanitarian aid) and connection and protection of key infrastructures (e.g. secure communications for EU embassies).

The system will also allow mass-market applications including mobile and fixed broadband satellite access, satellite trunking for B2B services, satellite access for transportation, reinforced networks by satellite and satellite broadband and cloud-based services.


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