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INTEGRAL Announcement of Opportunity for AO-21 Cycle Observations Proposals

Announcement of Opportunity of the 21th cycle of observations proposals for the ESA Science mission INTEGRAL. Deadline for submission of proposals is 29 September 2023, 14:00 CEST.

The International Gamma-ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL) is the second medium-sized mission of ESA’s Horizon 2000 Science Programme. It was launched on 17 October 2002. During their meeting on 7 March 2023, ESA’s Science Programme Committee (SPC) confirmed the continued science operations of INTEGRAL until the end of 2024. This could potentially be the final opportunity to conduct scientific research utilising new observational data collected with INTEGRAL.

This Announcement solicits proposals for observations to be carried out in 2024 offering about 21 Ms scientific observing time. Proposers from all over the world are welcome to participate. All proposals will be subject to an independent peer review by the INTEGRAL Time Allocation Committee (TAC). Potential proposers are expected to prepare and submit proposals in the electronic form available at the AO website (see link below).

Deadline for submission of proposals is 29 September 2023, 14:00 CEST

Integral satellite. Credits: ESA


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