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Join the ESA Academy Training Programme

Sign up now! University students in Denmark and other ESA member states are invited to join the ESA Academy Space Debris Training Course in Belgium, from 9 to 13 September 2024 or the Concurrent Engineering Workshop in Belgium, from 16 to 20 September 2024

The Training Programme has two opportunities for university students currently available:

Space Debris Training Course

A five-day long course where university students will learn about the space debris environment, specific mitigation technologies, future challenges such as large satellite constellations, how debris impacts spacecraft operations as well as potential future solutions. Taught by ESA experts as well as external experts in the sector, the course will be delivered through formal technical lectures complemented by hands-on exercises based on a real-life case study. Closing date 24 June 2024.

Concurrent Engineering Workshop

This 4.5-day long workshop will expose students to real-life concurrent engineering approach practices while designing a mission. Contrary to traditional design methods, in concurrent engineering all subsystems are designed simultaneously. This is a far more efficient way of working but comes with its own unique challenge: solutions in one area that could impact the design of another subsystem must be instantly identified and communicated between teams. Closing date 8 July 2024.

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