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Questionnaire: What to do in LEO after ISS?

The European Space Agency, ESA invites industry and in particular SME's to fill in a questionnaire to collect the state of the art of the current European space industries in their existing or future business with ESA, more specifically for the activities implemented in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).
Photo: NASA
Photo: NASA

The International Space Station, ISS has been in orbit since 2000 but operations are planned to discontinue by 2030. Then what do we need to do in LEO?

ESA's primary objective is to establish the current landscape of European industrial capabilities in the space sector. While the Agency envisages a transition to end-to-end service oriented activities in the future, it is not mandatory for the industrial entities to cover the full breadth of such future service: each of them has a role (or roles) to play as reliable supplier or sub-contractor entity of larger consortia.

For this questionnaire ESA's emphasizes the importance of industries from smaller ESA Member States to contribute as well as the larger ones in order to better understand their specific needs to develop their space ecosystem at domestic and European Level.


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