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SciSpacE Call for Lunar Gateway and Moon Surface Facility Definition Teams (FDTs) Membership

Get first-hand knowledge of ESA’s Moon ambitions by joining ESA’s Lunar Gateway and Moon Surface Facility Definition Teams (FDTs) and support the definition of activities for the Lunar Gateway and the Moon surface. Early career scientists are specifically encouraged to apply. Deadline 8 October 2023

ESA’s “Science in Space Environment” (SciSpacE) activities – include scientific activities on research platforms such as ground-based space analogues, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and beyond low Earth orbit.

The objective of this Call is to solicit participation of scientists to form (Science) Facility Definition Teams (FDTs) to support upcoming feasibility and development studies with a focus on lunar Gateway and Moon surface destinations. In this context FDTs may be required to:

  • Identify and constrain prioritised science exploration objectives;
  • Support the definition of scientific measurements needed to address the identified objectives;
  • Support trade-offs related to the scientific performance for the relevant facility;
  • Participate in assessments of the feasibility of a facility concept to deliver on the science objectives defined.

FDTs will be composed of external scientists and ESA technical experts from different disciplines. It is expected that each FDT has a lifetime of approximately 8-12 months related to specific study phases.

The external scientists will be selected through this open call, with review and selection conducted by an ESA internal review panel.


Peter Mandix Sehestedt
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 02
Email: pse@ufm.dk