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International netværksprogram - bevillinger for 2010 opslaget

Med formålet at støtte samarbejde inden for videnskab, teknologi og uddannelse med Kina, Indien, Israel, Japan, USA og Brasilien har Ministeriet for Videnskab, Teknologi og Udvikling givet bevilling til 47 netværksprojekter med disse lande.

Der er i alt blevet bevilget 13 mio. kr. til 47 internationale netværksprojekter. Ministeriet for Videnskab, Teknologi og Udvikling har modtaget i alt 90 ansøgningen inden for områder som biotech, nanovidenskab, medicin, sundhed, clean teck, fødevarer osv.

Projekttitel: New areas for Danish-Japanese bilateral research cooperation and commercialization of IPR
Bevillingsmodtager: Jesper Glückstad
Institution: DTU, Fotonik
Bevilget beløb: kr 360.000,00
Samarbejdsland: Japan

Projekttitel: Cross-cultural explorations of mobile gaze interaction for everyday aging
Bevillingsmodtager: Dan Witzner Hansen
Institution: ITU
Bevilget beløb: kr 351.041,00
Samarbejdsland: Brasilien

Projekttitel: Capture and conversion of CO2 into sustainable hydrocarbon fuels
Bevillingsmodtager: Mogens Mogensen
Institution: RISØ, DTU
Bevilget beløb: kr 259.920,00
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: Design, development, test, and marketing of thermal storage technologies for sustainable energy
Bevillingsmodtager: Arne Remmen
Institution: Dept of Development and Planning, AAU
Bevilget beløb: kr 358.495,00
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: The Social Media for Social Purposes Conference
Bevillingsmodtager: Mette Morsing
Institution: Center for Corporate Social Responsibility,CBS
Bevilget beløb: kr 346.295,50
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: Denmark-China Network of Archaeal Biotechnology
Bevillingsmodtager: Qunxin She
Institution: Dept of Biology, KU
Bevilget beløb: kr 311.760,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Engaging young patients in cancer treatment through an online virtual environment
Bevillingsmodtager: Mette Terp Høybye
Institution: Rigshospitalet, Børneonkologisk Ambulatorium
Bevilget beløb: kr 190.055,00
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: Scientific research visits to leading international laboratories within sustainable energy research
Bevillingsmodtager: Søren Dahl
Institution: Dept of Physics, DTU
Bevilget beløb: kr 360.000,00
Samarbejdsland: USA, Japan

Projekttitel: Using enzymes to produce cellulose nanofibers and whiskers for biodegradable and biomedical applications: collaboration with Embrapa Instrumentation & Nanotechnology, Brazil.
Bevillingsmodtager: Anand Ramesh Sanadi
Institution: Forest & Landscape, KU
Bevilget beløb: kr 205.603,00
Samarbejdsland: Brasilien

Projekttitel: Functional assessment of wetlands: Bioenergy, waste water treatment, carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emission
Bevillingsmodtager: Hans Brix
Institution: Aarhus Universitet, Biologisk Institut
Bevilget beløb: kr 71.496,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Catalytic and electro-catalytic flue gas purification
Bevillingsmodtager: Kent Kammer Hansen
Institution: Risø, DTU
Bevilget beløb: kr 189.360,00
Samarbejdsland: Japan

Projekttitel: Developing novel strategies for livestock production in Denmark & Brazil
Bevillingsmodtager: John Erik Hermansen
Institution: Dept. of Agroecology and Environment Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Aarhus University
Bevilget beløb: kr 248.765,80
Samarbejdsland: Brasilien

Projekttitel: Adaptive Indexing for Cloud Data Management
Bevillingsmodtager: Yongluan Zhou
Institution: SDU
Bevilget beløb: kr 278.712,00
Samarbejdsland: USA. Kina

Projekttitel: Nanostructured materials with enhanced functionalities
Bevillingsmodtager: Andrei V. Lavrinenko
Institution: DTU
Bevilget beløb: kr 280.800,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Workshop on application of genomic information in animal breeding and biodiversity conservation
Bevillingsmodtager: Goutam Sahana
Institution: Dept. of Genetics and Biotechnology, Aarhus University
Bevilget beløb: kr 177.120,00
Samarbejdsland: Indien

Projekttitel: CCLIIFFM – A Co-creation lab for IT Innovation for creating future markets
Bevillingsmodtager: Mogens Kühn Pedersen
Institution: Dept of Informatics, CBS
Bevilget beløb: kr 298.080,00
Samarbejdsland: Indien

Projekttitel: Teachning problem based learning to the social media generation
Bevillingsmodtager: Ellen Christiansen
Institution: Dept. of Communication, Aalborg University
Bevilget beløb: kr 170.654,40
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: Work design and workforce development for sustained innovation: Building on models from Denmark and China
Bevillingsmodtager: Suzanne Frances Jørgensen
Institution: Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus Universitet
Bevilget beløb: kr 242.208,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Establishment and development of the Translantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN)
Bevillingsmodtager: Egon Toft
Institution: Faculty of Medicine, AAU
Bevilget beløb: kr 359.856,00
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: Building a Partnership for R&D ans Capacity building on cradle to Cradle Urban Water Systems
Bevillingsmodtager: Jakob Magid
Institution: KU, LIFE
Bevilget beløb: kr 358.855,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Effects of environmental oxygen depletion / hypoxia - natural, anthropogenic or related to aquaculture - on fish
Bevillingsmodtager: John Fleng Steffensen
Institution: Dept. of Biology Marine Biological section. KU
Bevilget beløb: kr 360.000,00
Samarbejdsland: Brasilien

Projekttitel: How does a self protein become the target of autoimmunity?
Bevillingsmodtager: Nils Billestrup
Institution: Dept of Biomedical Sciences, Panum Institute, KU
Bevilget beløb: kr 224.329,00
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: Traditional Chinese Medicine Meets Western Veterinary science
Bevillingsmodtager: Lars Mølbak
Institution: National Veterinary Institute, DTU
Bevilget beløb: kr 206.136,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Bridging Veterinary and Animal Science in Aarhus University, and Nanjing Agricultural University and China Agricultural University focusing on the basis for sustainable livestock production.
Bevillingsmodtager: Klaus Loenne Ingvartsen
Institution: Dept. of Animal Health & Bioscience, Aarhus University
Bevilget beløb: kr 359.539,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Extended neuropsychiatric research collaboration in child and adolescent psychiatry between University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and The Child Study Center, (CSC) Yale University, USA
Bevillingsmodtager: Søren Dalsgaard
Institution: Dept for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, SDU
Bevilget beløb: kr 356.904,00
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: Sino-Danish Innovation Research Network (SDIRN)
Bevillingsmodtager: Olav Jull Sørensen
Institution: Dept. of Business Studies, AAU
Bevilget beløb: kr 360.000,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Strategic research alliance on advanced drug formulations and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs
Bevillingsmodtager: Martin Brandl
Institution: Dept of Physics and Chemistry, SDU
Bevilget beløb: kr 130.579,00
Samarbejdsland: Israel

Bevillingsmodtager: Kannan Govindan
Institution: Dept of Business and Economics, SDU
Bevilget beløb: kr 357.048,00
Samarbejdsland: USA, Kina

Projekttitel: Development and validation of web tools to enhance evidence-based decision making in healthy lifestyle choices
Bevillingsmodtager: Arja R. Aro
Institution: Institut of Public Health, SDU
Bevilget beløb: kr 336.960,00
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: Ecological Network Analysis In An Agricultural Land - scape
Bevillingsmodtager: Jens Mogens Olesen
Institution: Dept of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University
Bevilget beløb: kr 356.839,00
Samarbejdsland: Brasilien

Projekttitel: Exploratory collaborations and workshops in Knowledge approaches to facilitate innovation in bio-engineering
Bevillingsmodtager: Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen
Institution: Dept Of Management Engineering, DTU
Bevilget beløb: kr 312.912,00
Samarbejdsland: Indien

Projekttitel: Regional bridgehead Asia: Healthy diets in East and West
Bevillingsmodtager: Per Torp Sangild
Institution: Dept. of Hunam Nutrition. Kulife
Bevilget beløb: kr 352.800,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Cooperation between BioX, Stanford University and Aarhus University
Bevillingsmodtager: Allan Flyvbjerg
Institution: Clinical Institute, Aarhus University Hospital
Bevilget beløb: kr 360.000,00
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: Physical activity and health interventions in children
Bevillingsmodtager: Lars Bo Andersen
Institution: Institut of Sport Science and Clinical Biomechanics, SDU
Bevilget beløb: kr 230.004,00
Samarbejdsland: Brasilien

Projekttitel: The aesthetics of global connectivity: exploring design strategies and networked technologies of distributed sites through artistic processes
Bevillingsmodtager: Jørgen Staunstrup
Institution: ITU
Bevilget beløb: kr 351.144,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina, Brasilien

Projekttitel: 2nd International Workshop on Comparative Informatics (IWCI-2011): Towards a Systematic Global Study of Information and Communication Technologies
Bevillingsmodtager: Ravi Kiran Vatrapu
Institution: Computational Social Science Laboratory, CBS
Bevilget beløb: kr 360.000,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Hardware-support for JavaScript
Bevillingsmodtager: Christian W. Probst
Institution: DTU Informatics
Bevilget beløb: kr 218.771,60
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: ArchClouds: Architecting for Cloud-enabled software systems
Bevillingsmodtager: M. Ali Babar
Institution: ITU
Bevilget beløb: kr 279.936,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina, Japan, Brasilien

Projekttitel: Human-machine interaction in translation
Bevillingsmodtager: Michael Carl
Institution: Dept. for International Language Studies, CBS
Bevilget beløb: kr 359.798,40
Samarbejdsland: Indien, Brasilien

Projekttitel: Development of joint research projects in the area of Culture, Socialization and Learning Environment with a focus on learning in work life and innovation in formal education
Bevillingsmodtager: Henning Salling Olesen
Institution: Roskilde University
Bevilget beløb: kr 335.592,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Susaining a Global Perspective on Higher Education through International Collaboration, Intercultural Creativity and Networked Quality in Teaching and Learning Models
Bevillingsmodtager: Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen
Institution: Cambridge University/ Aarhus Universitet
Bevilget beløb: kr 115.727,00
Samarbejdsland: Israel, Japan

Projekttitel: Compositional Reasoning of Concurrent and Stochastic Systems
Bevillingsmodtager: Flemming Nielson
Institution: Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, DTU
Bevilget beløb: kr 334.080,00
Samarbejdsland: Kina

Projekttitel: Social Robots for Assisted Living – Challenges and Responsibilities
Bevillingsmodtager: Matthias Rehm
Institution: Dept. of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology
Bevilget beløb: kr 253.584,00
Samarbejdsland: Japan

Projekttitel: Simulations and lower bounds in circuit complexity
Bevillingsmodtager: Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen
Institution: Dept of Computer Science, AU
Bevilget beløb: kr 205.056,00
Samarbejdsland: Indien

Projekttitel: Activation of stem cells – intervention for treat-ment of myopathies and muscular atrophy
Bevillingsmodtager: Henrik Daa Schrøder
Institution: Regionsyddanmark
Bevilget beløb: kr 50.474,00
Samarbejdsland: Indien

Projekttitel: Intelligent energy grid for a 100% renewable energy system
Bevillingsmodtager: Chresten Træholt
Institution: CET/DTU Elektro
Bevilget beløb: kr 360.000,00
Samarbejdsland: USA

Projekttitel: Structure and Implementation of Computer Programs
Bevillingsmodtager: Olivier Danvy
Institution: Dept of Computer Science, AU
Bevilget beløb: kr 297.383,00
Samarbejdsland: Israel, Japan, USA