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Universities for the future

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English translation of the DFiR report "Universities for the future: Twenty years of the University Act." In the report, the DFiR examines whether the framework conditions, management, and financial structures of the Danish universities are future-proof.
: 28. august 2023
: 978-87-93807-67-9
: The Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy
: 2023
: 90

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Danish University Act in 2003, the DFiR has examined the framework conditions of the Danish universities, their management and financial structures, and how well universities are prepared to face future challenges. The report's main conclusions are:

  • Universities have established a broadly based culture of knowledge exchange and cooperation with external partners.
  • The democratic culture of universities is being challenged. The University Act allows for staff involvement and co-determination, but it does not guarantee it, and the options available are not adequately utilised.
  • The freedom of researchers to conduct research is under pressure.
  • The autonomy of universities and their financial resilience are being challenged.


Anders Kamp Høst
Tlf.: +45 72 31 80 92
Email: akho@ufm.dk

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