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Apply now for the ESA-FAIR Space Radiation School 2024

The ESA-FAIR Radiation Summer School has been established to train students in basic heavy ion biophysics for both terrestrial and space applications. The school will be unique worldwide and is expected to attract large attention from the international community. Deadline for application April 30.

Cosmic radiation is considered the main health hazard for human exploration and colonization of the solar system: crewmembers may be exposed to different doses and qualities of radiation, threatening life quality and individual survivability, thereby disrupting mission success.

The ESA -FAIR Radiation Summer School will contribute to research and development in the field of biomedical and biophysical applications of heavy ions in Europe and will highlight ESA’s commitment to stimulate the pursuit of education in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines as well as to foster interest and generate expertise relevant to Human Spaceflight activities.

Who can apply?

Students from ESA Member States will be eligible to participate to the ESA-FAIR Radiation Summer School. In addition, a quota of maximum 3 students from non-ESA Member States will be accepted. The School is aimed to graduate students and postdocs from various radiation-related disciplines (physics, medicine, biology etc).

Participation to the school is free. Accommodation will be provided free of charge by the organizers in a Hotel in Darmstadt. Travel (airplane or train) will be reimbursed to all students coming from ESA members states.

Where is it ?

The ESA-FAIR Radiation Summer School will take place in Darmstadt, where students can easily commute between the ESA establishment ESOC (theory part of the course) and GSI (practical part). The maximum number of students will be 15.


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Email: hof@ufm.dk
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