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Call for expressions of interest to become a member of three ESA science working groups

The ESA Director of Science invites scientists from institutions in the ESA Member States to express their interest in being a member of the Space Science Advisory Committee (SSAC), Astronomy Working Group (AWG), or the Solar System and Exploration Working Group (SSEWG). Deadline is 22 January 2024

This is a unique opportunity also for scientists in Denmark to get first hand insight into the missions of the European Space Agency and to influence decisions under ESA’s Science and Exploration programmes.

The Agency’s science advisory structure is the main channel for ensuring an efficient relationship between ESA and the scientific community in Europe and is an essential element for the good conduct of the Agency’s scientific objectives.
The Space Science Advisory Committee (SSAC) is the senior advisory body to the Director of Science, who is acting as the Director General’s representative, on all matters concerning space science included in the mandatory science programme of ESA.

A number of Working Groups support the work of the Science Advisory Committees and Directorates as appropriate with specific expertise. They report to the Science Advisory Committees on matters concerning their specific science areas. In particular, the Astronomy Working Group (AWG) and the Solar System and Exploration Working Group (SSEWG) report mainly to SSAC, but also to the Human Spaceflight and Exploration Science Advisory Committee (HESAC) and to the Advisory Committee for Earth Observation (ACEO).

These Working Groups advise on all science matters related to Astronomy and Solar System science and exploration, excluding Earth sciences.

The deadline is 22 January 2024

Ill: ESA's fleet in the Solar System


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