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ESA Call for Earth Explorer-12 Mission Advisory Groups (MAG) is open

ESA is preparing to study and develop at Phase 0 level four mission ideas selected as candidates for the Earth Explorer 12 mission: CryoRad, ECO, Hydroterra+, and Keystone. Through this Call for MAG membership, four new groups will be established, one for each candidate mission idea

Each MAG will advise and support ESA in preparing the Mission Assumptions and Technical Requirements Document (MATER) specific to each mission, to serve as the basis for the Mission Definition Phase (i.e., Phase 0). In parallel to Phase 0 system studies, supporting activities will be initiated for each candidate mission idea, as appropriate.

The MAG for each candidate will advise ESA on the scientific definition of the corresponding mission idea and on appropriate scientific support activities including campaigns.

These supporting activities will help to further assess and consolidate the scientific, technical and programmatic definition of the proposed mission ideas, to help consolidate the MATER, to demonstrate or obtain measurements representative of the observing system concepts, to evaluate scientific impact and potential benefit of the observations, and to ensure that the Science Readiness Level 4 “Proof of Concept” is reached at the end of Phase 0.

Iterations will also take place with the MAG in parallel to the Phase 0 system studies to consolidate the observation requirements and ultimately to establish and elaborate the Mission Requirement Document (MRD) for each candidate mission.

Deadline for submitting your application 17 May 2024 12:00 (CEST)


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