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ESA Call for Small Missions for Exploration – Destination the Moon

Seize the opportunity to become a leading actor of exploration with a new type of mission, starting with the Moon. Small missions offer a programmatic opportunity for consortia from Participating States like Denmark with a small contribution to the ESA’s Terrae Novae Programme. Deadline 14 December

For a start you are invited by ESA to attend a workshop online or at ESTEC in the Netherlands on Thursday 5 October 14.00 – 16.30.

Terrae Novae is also referred to as the European Exploration Envelope Programme – E3P and this call gives you the opportunity to become a more visible actor in the implementation of ESA's exploration strategy.

The ESA exploration strategy's main objective is to lead Europe’s human journey into the Solar System using robots as precursors and scouts, and to return the benefits of exploration back to society. Small missions can contribute to the implementation of the goals of the Terrae Novae roadmap, in particular:

  • Prepare elements on the critical path leading to the horizon goal of Europeans to Mars
  • Close technology gaps in areas relevant to exploration such as power, surface mobility, propulsion, ISRU, and entry, descent and landing technologies needed for future missions and exploration infrastructure
  • Increase scientific knowledge of the Moon and Mars and to use low-Earth orbit for scientific research and as a technology test bed.

Small missions could include fly-by satellites, orbiters and surface assets (landers / rovers / penetrators etc.).

Deadline for submission of ideas: 14 December 2023


Peter Mandix Sehestedt
Tlf.: +45 72 31 82 02
Email: pse@ufm.dk